Previously, we posted a blog that tried to give recommendations on tent seating. Looking back on that now, it was very rushed and, we believe, unsatisfactory for the needs of our clients. Therefore, for the next few weeks, we will be posting and explaining the true dimensions of tent space and seating ability for your events. And yes, we will be doing more funky math again.

First, we will show Cocktail Party potential capacity. The following numbers will not take into account aisles, dance floors, or service areas. We will show options for the sizes of tent that we offer. After this list, we will explain the math involved

20 x 20 tent:      67 standing people

20 x 30 tent:      100 standing people

20 x 40 tent:      133 standing people

20 x 60 tent:      200 standing people

40 x 40 tent:      267 standing people

40 x 60 tent:      400 standing people

40 x 80 tent:      533 standing people

40 x 100 tent:     667 standing people

40 x 120 tent:     800 standing people

The math behind this is fairly simple. For a Cocktail party, with 30″ across cocktail-height tables and people standing, not sitting, you need to allow for 6-7 square feet per person, for appropriate comfort. This number also factors in the size of the table. A 20 x 20 foot tent covers 400 square feet, so 400 square feet divided by 6 square feet equals 67 people. This is the recommended maximum. If you wanted to make sure people were spaced further apart and more comfortable, divide 400 by 7, to get 58 people.

Follow-up posts in this series will explain buffet seating, serviced seating, cathedral/auditorium seating, and miscellaneous measurements, respectively.