Hello again! In this installment of event tips, we are going to focus on glassware. There are very many variables that determine how many glasses you need. First, what kind of party are you having? Are you having a formal dinner? are you having a buffet function? or are you having a cocktail reception?

  1. If you are having a formal dinner, the number of glasses is up to the host or hostess. They have already decided what they are serving their guests, and so get one of each for each guest. If 10 guests will be served red wine, champagne, and water, then you need three glasses for each guest- 10 for the red wine, 10 for the champagne, and 10 water goblets, for 30 glasses total. Technically, you should always order one or two extra glasses of each variety to account for accidental breakage.
  2. For a buffet function, the total number of glasses is usually 1&¾ glasses per person (round down) for the first hour, and for each additional hour add an additional ½ glass per person. You do have to order types of glasses appropriate to your crowd, and appropriate to what you will serve. If you’re having a champagne toast, you need to order those in addition to any other glasses you will use.
  3. For a cocktail reception, the ratio is 1 glass per person per hour. Pretty easy. Again, just make sure you factor in what kind of drinks your crowd is drinking. Not everyone drinks martinis, and you may be serving more on-the-rocks drinks than you realize.

If you really NEED to know what are the totally necessary amounts and kinds of glasses for a properly stocked restaurant bar, then here’s the list for a venue that seats 100 people. Remember, you asked:

144 beer glasses, 36 champagne glasses, 108 highball glasses, 24 martini glasses, 108 wine glasses, 36 sour glasses, 72 rocks glasses, 36 cordial glasses, 36 collins glasses, 36 brandy glasses, 168 water glasses, 144 iced tea glasses, and 144 juice glasses.