In our final posting on Tent Seating Guidelines, we will go over the miscellaneous measurements for events. These are those optional features that some people just need to have, and others could live without.

Dance Floors depend on the amount of people and the event.

Dinner or Dance party: 4 square feet per person (20′ x 20′ for 100 people)

Wedding or General party: 2-3 square feet per person (10′ x 20′ or 15” x 15′ for 100 people)

Stages/ Platforms depend on the use.

A speakers platform only needs about 10 square feet

A bandstand needs between 20-30 square feet, depending on the size of the band

Pianos take up a much larger amount of space than the typical band stand. A spinet (upright) piano takes up 30 square feet. A grand piano takes up 100 square feet!

A Bar takes up 30 square feet

We hope these measurements will be of use in planning your events.