After the extremely sad events of the Kiss nightclub fire in Brazil, in which 233 people have lost their lives, event planners are reminded of the dangers involved in hosting some events. For those of us from the US, this case sounds tragically similar to the Station nightclub fire of 2003.

Every municipality, state, and federal government have regulations that dictate what safety measures must be observed for events. This includes whether fire, pyrotechnics, or cooking equipment are used, or even if chairs in rows must be attached to each other. Because of these regulations, event providers often have to carry multiple licenses to prove compliance. Event providers also must provide certification that their equipment has been treated for fire safety, whether this is fire proofed or treated with fire retardants. (We can assure our customers that our equipment have these certificates)

When choosing to do your own events, please keep safety in mind, and if you begin to question the safety of your event, call a professional.