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Personal Wedding Example

With today’s post, we wanted to highlight a personal wedding we arranged for an individual customer. Her event had a 40′ x 60′ pole-and-stake tent, because she wanted the sweeping fabric look. She also incorporated chandeliers and twinkle-lights for lighting, and a dance floor of 18′ x 18′. As you can see in the photograph, this still allowed her ample room to seat 8 people per table, at 12 tables with room to spare. The whole was contained with cathedral window sidewalls for the tent.

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Dining Example


In this post we present an example of one of our events. This was a dinner inside an office building recently dedicated. The Customer used our fruitwood ballroom chairs, wine colored table runners, and wine colored wall hangings to accent the white of the tablecloths and freshly finished walls. You can also see that they were able to seat ten people per 60 inch round table while still having a full dining service.

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Special note on LSOE Graduation

To show our personal interest in our customer’s events, we would just like to give recognition to Dr. Richard Jackson, who you can see in our photo on the lower right, in the light blue robes. He is one of the pre-eminent authorities in the teaching of special needs students, as well as incorporating technology into teaching to compensate for those special needs. This photo is from this year’s LSOE graduation ceremony.

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Gratitude from Lynn Family and Children Services

The pdf below is a thank-you letter from the Lynn Family and Children’s Services. It’s always nice to get thanked!

FCS Taste of Lynn Thank You Letter

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