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Backyard Grills

For your backyard parties, we offer portable grills. As the weather heats up and we approach spring, we want to remind our customers of our portable propane grills. Our grills are six feet long, allowing you to grill the largest cuts of meat or accommodate the largest of crowds. This size is the standard for country clubs and golf courses. The base is filled with lava rocks to more evenly distribute heat, and the propane tank fits easily beneath the base. Please note that our price includes a full propane tank. Not only is this an impressive piece of cooking equipment, but grilling has numerous health benefits, including reducing fat by letting it drip off into the grill. Of course, our grills are thoroughly cleaned before each rental.

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Fruitwood Ballroom Chairs

We offer fruitwood ballroom chairs for our customer’s events. Currently, fruitwood ballroom chairs are the high-end selection of the season. They can be found in five star hotels and exclusive country clubs, and when you see them you can understand why. Much like other ballroom chairs, the legs and back are well-turned, ridged wood spindles. Unlike most ballroom chairs, they are a natural-looking, deep reddish-brown color. The look is comparable to real mahogany, red oak, or cherry wood, but at a fraction of the cost. The chairs are also covered with a high-gloss finish, which gives the wood grain the opportunity to showcase it’s natural contrast and beauty.

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Back from the ARA show

Hello everyone, we’re back from the ARA show and do we have some new ideas. The ARA show was jam packed with vendors and service providers for the event rental industry, and we’ve found some interesting kid’s games and entertainment, as well as many new patterns of linen. Our tent specialists have learned about the latest safety regulations for installing tents for your events. Our customers may be happy to know that Massachusetts has some of the most stringent guidelines for safety where events are concerned, and we can happily claim continuous compliance with those standards. We have also learned that there are new emergency procedures for impending weather when we get a storm. We’ve also learned some cost efficient techniques for decorating tents for your events. Unfortunately, until purchase and sales are finalized, we cannot list our new items.

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Valentine’s Day Treats

Many people today are substituting full-size cakes for cupcakes. So, for a Valentine’s Day treat, we suggest showcasing your sweetheart’s sweets with one of our cupcake stands. The round stand is 5 tiers tall and the octagonal stand is 3 tiers tall, and at $20.00 each, they are a steal!

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Basic Linen Tips

For the ease of our customers, here are some basic linen tips:

1. The most common round table at a function hall or an event is a 60″ round. This table seats 10 people. We’ll do the funky math stuff at the end. For a simple answer, a 90″ round table cloth will cover that table to your lap when you sit. A 120″ round tablecloth will cover that table to the floor.

2. A table that is cocktail height (also called bar-height, tallboys, belly-tables, bus-stop, and airplane tables) are 42″ tall. Almost always, when somebody says “cocktail table”, this is usually what they mean. Anyway, to cover this table to the floor you need a 108″ round tablecloth.

3. For a listing of colors, please visit

Ok, now for funky math. A regular round table is 30″ high. Then you have the actual size of the table across, the above example being 60″. So to cover the table to the floor, you take the height, add the size, then add the height again (height+size+height). If the tablecloth size doesn’t add up, it is either too big and will pool on the floor or too short and you might see the table legs. Cocktail tables are 42″ high and 30″ round. Same idea. (height+size+height).

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